The messages shared in our society about manhood are confusing sometimes frustrating. How is that affecting our men, our society and our workplaces?

The goal of the fishbowl discussion is to deepen our shared understanding and empathy and to create new openings for positive action.

Ground rules:
– Everyone is free to speak up
– Be mindful about one voice not dominating the conversation
– If someone says something you disagree with, sit with it rather than correct them or tear them down. Think about why that bothers you. If it’s still digging at you, speak up and share your perspective, but be gentle with each other. We hope people do speak up, and speak up with empathy
– Speak from the “I” – and your own personal experience. “When you said this is made me feel this way” vs “I don’t agree with what you said”

– Please make sure you can stay for the whole conversation ( 2 hours). If you need to leave after that but before the evening is over, please exit quietly and refrain from saying goodbyes as the whispers can be distracting, etc

What you will learn:

– The behaviors and choices we make that can either perpetuate a culture of toxic masculinity or disrupt it
– What actions can be taken by both men and women to move the needle


+ Steven Huang, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Culture Amp

+ Jordan Bower, Chief Storyteller, Transformational Storytelling

+ Willie Jackson, DEI Speaker, Consultant, and Facilitator, ReadySet

+ Nico Calvo Rosenstone, Principal and Founder, The Inclusion Practice

+ Meredith Haberfeld, Moderator, ThinkHuman