When faced with a challenge, adversity and ambiguity seem to coexist. The difficult combination makes a leader’s ability to guide their team through adversity while simultaneously navigating ambiguity an invaluable skill. This is especially so when leading through a crisis as the needs of organizations often change day by day.

On June 17th, our incredible panel will discuss what leadership in the face of adversity and ambiguity should look like. Panelists and community members will explore tools for leaders and their teams to emerge from challenges with new growth.

Learning Objectives:

+ Understanding the role emotional intelligence plays in leading through adversity

+ Tools to create space spaces that allow for transparent leadership, especially in times of challenge


+ Hakemia Jackson, Cultural Strategist & Executive Coach, Divinely Powered
+ Cornell Woodson, Diversity Business Partner, Google
+ Debra Squyres, Vice President, Customer Success, Beamery
+ Meredith Haberfeld, Founder + CEO, ThinkHuman
+ Ana Del Castillo, Facilitator and Coach, ThinkHuman [Moderator]