People look to their leaders to guide them in their actions. The importance of a leader’s role is especially amplified when their team faces challenging times.

In our April webinar, our incredible panel will explore how the role of a leader must evolve in the face of challenge to keep their team grounded and feeling confident. We will discuss concrete ways on how to best equip your team to handle challenges in ways that not only preserve the goals of the organization but, more importantly, promote the well being of the people on your team.

Learning Objectives:

+ How to best equip your team

+ Preserve the organization’s goals

+ Promote the well-being of your people



+ Natasha Kehikmar, Cheif People Officer, Fandom

+ Scott Dust, Chief Research Officer, Cloverleaf

+ Ken Matos, Director of People Science, Culture Amp

+ James Rosseau, Founder & CEO, The Corelink Solution

+ Meredith Haberfeld, CEO, ThinkHuman [Moderator]