Each month, the equivalent of the combined populations of Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, and North Dakota are handing in their resignations. Often companies don’t put energy into retaining talent until it’s too late; if you’re making an employee a counteroffer, you’ve already lost that crucial heart-and-soul buy-in you need to create a thriving company.

From startups to mega-corporations, companies are wasting billions of dollars in the quest for employee engagement. But the only starting point for a fulfilled, optimally productive workplace is getting real about your CEO’s human intelligence. Leaders need basic human skills that aren’t taught in business school; without them, engagement efforts are an embarrassingly shiny façade failing to mask underlying issues.

Data shows that employee engagement only succeeds when it stems from a founder/CEO’s personal commitment and is reflected in her or his behavior. Join Meredith Haberfeld as a guest speaker on Human Resources Today, where she will address the fallacy of employee engagement and the pioneering path forward.

Learning objectives:

+ The steps to create a thriving culture
+ The common missteps companies make when trying to keep employees
+ The secret weapon to retention that companies don’t properly utilize
+ The true meaning of employee engagement
+ How to help your leaders grow
And more!