How to Start a New Business With Your Workplace Experience

  By LISA SWAN With the New Year, some people start thinking of starting a new business. Of course, much of this is wishful thinking or fantasizing, but some of them have business ideas that could potentially be successful. Some of the more potentially successful new businesses … Read More

Career Coach News – Do Entrepreneurs Need an MBA?

One of the big decisions entrepreneurs face is whether they need to go for a Master’s in Business Administration. So is it necessary? It depends, says Seth Kaufman, psy.d, Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach with the Think Human. “Sometimes you do, … Read More

Career Coach News- Social Media Success Tips, Part 2

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Career Coach News- Social Media Success Tips, Part 1

Vivian Vassar, the entrepreneur behind the online business Hey Viv! Vintage, says that having a social media presence is crucial to her company’s success.  In addition to her web site, she uses Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a blog to help sell 50s’ retro costumes and vintage clothing. Here are some … Read More

10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Success

  Every Wednesday, we will publish a tip on Twitter to help you with entrepreneurial success. You can follow the Think Human on Twitter at . We will feature additional information on each tip on our website. Week 1 to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success: Entrepreneurial Success Tip: Share, share, … Read More