Life Coach News- Structure and Action to Achieve Your Goals

A Day With Structure & Action – A Day Closer To Your Goal By Maria McKenna As a coach, it’s my responsibility to provide structure from the moment I start working with someone. The coaching relationship is in itself an element of structure a client is placing into their … Read More

Life Coach News– Creating Your Perfect Life

By Maria McKenna, Life Coach, Think Human Often people have the sense that they’d like to make changes in their lives, but aren’t sure exactly what it is they’d like to change. In order to step outside of ourselves to foster an awareness of what we’d … Read More

Think Human News- The Power of Online Networking

Written by Maria McKenna, Life Coach with the Think Human Bring it Online! – Utilize and Maximize Online Professional Networks: The stronger the relationships and the wider your networking circle, the more opportunities present themselves, both professionally and … Read More