10 Secrets for Entrepreneurial Success


Every Wednesday, we will publish a tip on Twitter to help you with entrepreneurial success. You can follow the Think Human on Twitter at https://www.twitter.com/think-human . We will feature additional information on each tip on our website.

Week 1 to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success:

Entrepreneurial Success Tip: Share, share, share. Make sure wherever you go, you tell others what you’re doing.

Don’t wait for the perfect person to talk about your idea with. Share what you’ve been doing with people you meet throughout your life.

Jodie Strecker launched Strecks Collage Boards in 2008. The boards are a striking way for children to display their school activities. Thanks to her involvement in the community, she was able to share what she was doing with others, and translate interest in her products into sales.

“So far my success has been based on being a very involved community member,” she said, “particularly in the school district of my children.” As a leader in her neighborhood, she was able to connect with others. “It flowed very naturally when I did my first launch and promotion,” she said. Friends and neighbors helped her spread the word.

Think about how you can market a product that your community will be interested in.

Week 2 to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success:

Entrepreneurial Success Tip: Use keywords to promote your site’s items.

Viv Vassar, the entrepreneur behind Hey Viv! Vintage, uses keywords to help sell 50s’ retro costumes and vintage clothing. Each week, she comes up with a theme for whatever products she is featuring that week. She will use Google AdWords to draw in traffic, and then mentions the keywords for the products, like “red circle holiday felt skirts” in her blog, and in social media outlets like Twitter. This increases the chances that somebody searching for a red circle skirt will find it on Vassar’s site.

Week 3 to Achieving Entrepreneurial Success:

Entrepreneurial Success Tip: Schedule your social media time.

Vassar is very savvy with social media, but that doesn’t come easy. She has a spreadsheet with a schedule of set days and times for blogging, tweeting, and spending time on Facebook. Otherwise, it’s hard to keep track of what you’re doing, and when you’re doing it. She also recommends using “time-saving” technologies like Hellotxt and SocialOomph to schedule repetitive online activities.

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