10 Tips on How to Become a Master Business Networker


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Week 1 to Becoming a Master Business Networker:

Networking Tip: Talk to people through every phase of your job search & authentically cultivate relationships.

Meredith Haberfeld, a life coach says, “Beginning to promote yourself and network on your own behalf is a skill that requires practice.” Haberfeld agrees that “It’s not comfortable for almost anyone at first, but the more you get out there and do it, day in and day out, and recognize that it’s not some cheesy, fake sales pitch you’re making, but that you’re actually cultivating real connections with people.”

Haberfeld says that nurturing and expanding your network of people you know doing such work is “the single most powerful force leading to successful job transitions.”

Week 2 to Becoming a Master Business Networker:

Networking Tip: Reach out in a way you can help others.

Executive coach Randi Raskin Nash says the key to successful networking is to “try to reach out ” to people in a way that “you might be able to help them,” and not the other way around. “Don’t mow people down with what you need,” she cautions. “You have got to give to get.”

Week 3 to Becoming a Master Business Networker:

Networking Tip: Be subtle.

Viv Vassar, the owner of Hey Viv! Vintage, says that “nobody wants to be hit in the head” with whatever you’re trying to sell. Instead of pushing products all the time, Vassar suggests that you show your personality, with interesting observation. She uses online networking to make many of her business connections, but she writes posts and comments that people are interested in reading, regardless of the product. For example, she promoted surfer vintage gear with a look back at 60s’ surfer movies, and a glossary of surfing lingo.

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