Life Coach News- 5 Tips for the Newly Self-Employed

Self-employed work requires a different skill set — not to mention the ability to self-promote — than it does to work for an employer. Life coach Meredith Haberfeld has a few suggestions on how to get your name out there, and she shared those thoughts with Time Out magazine:

* Get your own business card: But keep them professional-looking. Haberfeld says. “A short tag line is fine, but omit mission statements, affirmations or hokey quotes.”

* Build a website: If you can’t afford to pay a designer, perhaps you can trade services. You can also use one of the many blogging software sites out there, such as WordPress or Blogger, to get your site going.

* Streamline your résumé: The old adage about keeping your résumé to only one page still holds true. “It’s hard to get someone to look at even the first paragraph of your résumé,” Haberfeld says. She notes that the briefer the resume is, the easier it is to grab the prospect’s attention.

* Network, network, network: “Go to industry conferences, parties, cocktails, morning breakfasts; and create and develop relationships,” says Haberfeld. “Ask not what others can do for you, but what you can do for them.” Doing this will help keep you in others’ minds when opportunities come up.

* Ask for feedback: Haberfeld suggests sharing your ideas with some potential clients, to get their opinions on what you’re doing right — and wrong. And expect to put some work into figuring out the right things to do. Haberfeld says, “There is an effort equation when starting something new.” She says that “for every 100 units of effort you put in, you can expect one result.” But if you consistently put in the energy, the results will start “flowing in,” says the life coach.