Life Coach News- The Power of Laughter

Chris Voss is a Life and Career Coach with the Think Human

How many times in a day do you feel sad or hear about sadness in the world around you? Lately it seems every time I pick up the newspaper, turn on the television, speak to a friend, I hear about some issue that is creating enormous stress in one’s life. So many are losing theirs jobs or fearful they will, homes have been lost, personal dreams diminishing, the current global climate we live in is exceedingly unbalanced. Sounds depressing, yes? It doesn’t have to be!

A quote comes to mind:
“There are only three things in life that are real: God, Human Folly and Laughter. In that the first two are beyond our comprehension, we must do what we can with the third.” JFK

Think back on witnessing a toddler running and laughing. What comes to mind?? The healing power of laughter is so incredibly commanding not just for the toddler but for children of all ages, which includes you. The energy laughter generates moves us into a positive state. Sometimes it is momentary, other times sustaining. We all want to be “happy” in life; we all want to experience good health, joy and harmony for ourselves and the ones we love. Our bodies and mind have a predisposition toward health and energy. Studies have shown how laughter affects the human physiology. It has been shown to reduce pain, strengthen immune function, decrease stress, and help put life’s “trials and tribulations into a healthy perspective by making them seem smaller”. So many of us take ourselves much too seriously. Laughter has a positive impact on lightening us up.

I tried an experiment last week with powerful results. I contracted with myself for a week that regardless of what the day held , I would have the intention to create humor/laughter at least once a day for myself or someone I came in contact with. It was a fun exercise. I found my laughter to be contagious, it helped those around me and myself feel delight. The more I laughed, the better I felt about the stresses and challenges of daily living. The stresses were still there but my attitude shifted. When I returned home in the evening, instead of watching my usual news programs, I intentionally tuned to the Comedy Central Channel or a lighthearted movie. As I watched these programs, I felt myself smiling. It wasn’t an outburst of laughter but a quiet amusement. I could feel any tension present in my body dissipate. The choices I made that week to construct and generate laughter in my life, energized me to perform better and allowed my thoughts, feelings, emotions, objectives and values to be in alignment.

So tomorrow, if you are feeling overly serious or heaviness in your relationships, job, or health status, be mindful to create laughter for yourself or some else. Make it fun!!