Christen Bavero

Fun facts

White Plains, NY
What did you want to become as a child?
I always loved the story of Helen Keller when I was a child. I didn’t know what I wanted to become, but I knew that I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives by giving them opportunities that they wouldn’t necessarily have. Before becoming a coach, I was a therapist for a very long time because of this desire.
Best experience as a leader:
I am the director and co-facilitator in a program that exposes young adults ages 13-17 to tools on how to be an effective leader. The program is designed to make young adults unstoppable in all areas of their lives while also acknowledging how perfect they already are.
My strengths as a leader:
My strength as a leader is my willingness to call anyone and everyone forward because of my ability to always see the greatness in people. When you see the best version of people all the time, it is easy to always speak to people’s highest being and fight for individuals to have the lives that they have always wanted.

Christen is a highly effective Facilitator and Executive Coach focused on Career and Leadership Development, and Personal Performance. Christen works with individuals to enhance personal effectiveness, and trains teams to collaborate in ways that elevate performance by targeting communication strategies and teamwork skills. She’s worked with a number of large corporations who are recognized as leaders in their industry to help transform their cultures, which has measurably improved their bottom line results. Christen holds a Masters in Science and is the executive director of Synergy Youth Empowerment Inc., a nonprofit organization where young adults learn to make powerful decisions around the challenges such as personal responsibility, relationships, and communication.