Fatma Ghedira


Born: Tunisia, Monastir

As a child, what did you want to become?:

A Doctor, a secret agent, or a profiler. I had a hard time deciding then I went with profiling!

Your best experience as a leader:

I loved fishing under-water growing up. I had a fishing crew of friends and cousins that I informally led to get the best gifts from the sea almost every day in the summer. It was my best experience leading because we all had roles but still did everything together and proudly presented our grandmother our batch of the day to be served for lunch or dinner.

Nº1 Free time activity:

Having deep and thought-provoking conversations with my friends, reading, dancing and hosting.


Fatma specializes in bringing people together to enable social and personal change. Her passion is in building communities and organizing workshops, conferences and informal gatherings which facilitate connection and growth, reaching across organizational and cultural differences. Fatma hosts purposeful gatherings curated to highlight the importance of Inclusion, well-being, story-telling, and culture.