Nick Papadopoulos

Fun facts

Queens, New York
As a child, what did you want to become?
What was your first entrepreneurial experience?
When I was eight, my friends and I put on a ‘Kiss’ concert for the kids in my neighborhood. We dressed up with wild outfits and makeup, made guitars out of cardboard and created visual props to create the ‘Kiss’ experience – we charged .50 cents per head.
Why did you become a coach?
I have always been committed to working with people and teams to break through existing patterns that no longer serve them so they can reach new levels of performance.
First concert you have been to:
The Police. 1983 at Shea Stadium. It was their farewell tour. The song, ‘Every Breath You Take,’ was the song that my then girlfriend and I had chosen as ‘our song.’

For more than 20 years, Nicholaos “Nick” Papadopoulos has delivered performance consulting and transformational leadership programs that gives today’s most progressive executives new access to generating a high-performance culture that produces consistent results.
Nick’s strengths in performance consulting, leadership development and coaching are designed to align leadership teams, clarify strategies and create high-functioning work environments where teams are engaged in a spirit of collaboration. Nick brings extensive experience in integrating and improving multiple business channels as well as helping clients formulate and align on strategies to drive higher revenues and greater results.
Nick’s experience with F500 companies in many industries, and with many types of leaders, endows him with business insight and a rare instinct for what’s required to take an organization to the next level. His work empowers leaders to reliably produce extraordinary results consistently.
An energetic and charismatic speaker, Nick has been a keynote speaker nationally on the topic of sales, business and transformational change within organizations. He authored the Championship Selling Quick Guide and has been a contributor to Investor’s Business Daily, Selling Power Magazine, Sales & Marketing Magazine and The Fairfield County Business Journal.
Nick holds a Bachelor of Arts from New York University.