Career Coach News: Resume Advice Tips, Part 2

Resume Advice Tips

Don’t Make These Job Search Mistakes

Career expert Donna Svei of has 23 years of experience in the employment field. She shared some resume advice tips with the Think Human last week. Here are some more of the most common mistakes she sees, as well as some more resume advice tips:

* Too long a resume: The career expert says it should be a maximum of two pages long. Any longer will be a detriment. Svei says that a very long resume indicates someone who is unusually interested in himself, or somebody unable or willing to get to the point. None of those characteristics are appealing in a potential employee.

* A poorly-formatted resume: Svei said graphic design — having a resume that is pleasing to the eye — is a big part of what makes a good resume. She suggests writing no more than four lines of text in a row at any point in the document to make it easier to read.

* Wacky fonts: The career expert prefers serif fonts like Times New Roman, as she says they are easier to read on paper than sans serif ones.

* Not being cooperative: Svei says that unless you are “a franchise player,” somebody on a high level with such coveted skills that you can say whatever you want, you need to be the proverbial team player. Job interviews should emphasize “cooperativeness,” says Svei. Employees want to hear how you will fit in with their company, not how you will be a diva.

* Not getting help from a professional: She says that job seekers seem to think that searching for a job should be free, but that it’s important in this “more sophisticated” world to call in an expert. Sometimes you need to get a professional opinion for resume advice tips. You get what you pay for, she says. Free advice may be free, but it may not always be what you need to hear.

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