Is Consciousness The Thing or a Means to The Thing?

Adapted from Jim Dethmer


For some people, becoming more conscious is the thing. But for most people consciousness is a means to the thing. For many people the thing is success, or wealth. For example, they know that meditation increases the probability of being less stressed, more creative and getting more done. For others the thing is relationships. If they end blame and resentment, and take responsibility, relationships work better. They experience more connection and intimacy.  For people with these goals, consciousness is the handmaid in service of the thing. That’s great. It works.

For some people at some point along the journey the means becomes the end, the handmaid becomes maiden, and consciousness becomes the thing. When this happens the world changes.

From this orientation, if your business partner is being deceptive or your teenager uses drugs it’s an invitation to wake up, to see what you’re not seeing, to become even more conscious, experience more of reality. All of life’s experiences become in service of evolving into the most conscious version of yourself.  


So pause and ask, “For me, what is the thing?”