Five Things Successful People Do


What do successful people do that others do not? Here are some tips from our executive coach experts.

1.       Work hard

Successful people are often mythologized as uniquely gifted geniuses who were destined to succeed.  There can be an implication that they did not have to work hard to come up with brilliant ideas, but that they came up with their game-changing concepts in flashes of inspiration. But typically those brilliant ideas come after years of studying and honing one’s skills, to get to the point where one is able to come up with brilliant ideas. And then there’s the matter of implementing those ideas. Successful people recognize that success does not happen by magic, but with hard work and discipline to stay focused on ones goals.

2.       Focus on what is important

Some people are very productive, but not necessarily in the right areas. They spend too much time and effort on tasks that are ultimately distractions from the main goal. Or they obsess over things they can’t succeed at, instead of cutting their losses and coming at their goal from a different direction.

3.       Keep looking for ways to improve

Successful people do not just focus on results – they also focus on the process. Achieving successful results does not make them complacent. They may track their progress and quantify it with regular measurements to see what worked, why it worked and whether it can be repeated and improved. When something does not work, they use their tracking to hold themselves accountable. If they master one area, they work on strengthening an area where they are not as strong. They also may talk with an executive coach about how to improve.

4.       Are not afraid to fail

The path to success is rarely smooth. Successful people understand that there will be setbacks along the way.  But they do not get discouraged, rationalize or make excuses. Instead, they see setbacks as learning opportunities so they can figure out how to succeed next time.  If you are a perfectionist who defines anything less than flawless as unacceptable, you may think you are implementing superior quality control, but you are as likely to be getting stuck on less critical details. If you’re afraid to fail, you will be afraid to take action and will be have a tough time moving forward toward achieving your goals.

5.       Commit for the long haul

If you are interested in short-term rewards, you should probably stick to a job with a regular paycheck. Going out on your own requires having the dedication and persistence to persevere even while being aware that the payoff could be a long way off.  Find out more from an executive coach.