How to Learn a Skill

Did you know that learning a new skill can actually improve your brain, firing up synapses that haven’t been used? Not only that, but learning a new skill could make you more marketable in the workplace – or more fun outside of work.

Here are some tips from life coaching experts on how to learn a new skill:

Don’t be afraid to fail – and to look stupid

It is very tempting to give up on learning a new skill because it does not come easy to you, but think about this – most things worth doing take time, energy, and commitment. If you could master bowling at one or two tries, getting a 300 score easily, what fun would it be to continue to be perfect? Even the greatest at a skill struggle – part of New York Yankee shortstop’s Derek Jeter’s legend is that he once went 0 for 32, and got booed by Yankee fans.

Anyhow, anything worth doing is worth being unafraid to look stupid at doing. Everybody has to start from somewhere. You need to acknowledge that you are a beginner, and may be confused at first, and not sure what to do next.

Don’t be afraid to be open to help – or to ask for help

We all think that when we learn a new skill that others will judge us, and think we are idiots for trying something new (see point 1.) You would be surprised at how many people are willing to help. For example, if you are a beginner at running, why not join your local running club and get involved? You may find that others are willing to help you with tips to improve your skill. But that means that you should not be defensive when somebody tries to help you. Instead, you should be willing to listen, and be willing to accept tips from others. You also need to be willing to ask for help, which is hard for many of us. But get out of your comfort zone and give it a try.

Read books, watch videos, and see websites about the skill

One of the great things about the world we live in is that virtually every skill has some adherents who want to teach others the skill. Whether you want to learn to churn butter, write better, run a 5K, or just learn how to relax, you can find all sorts on information online, at the library, and in local groups (like the aforementioned running club) to teach you.

Life coaching experts say to have fun at it!

This is important – whether you are learning to code, or learning to cook, enjoy yourself. You are going to have good days and bad days, but try to make it fun and enjoyable. Believe it or not, life coaching professionals say that we learn better when we are having fun.  So practice, relax, and enjoy yourself – that’s what life coaching  professionals say is important and will build confidence.