Life Coach News- ICF Life Coach Certification, Does it Matter?

The ICF is the leading certifying body of coaches in the world. We believe that ICF Certification matters and we now require it for all of our life coaches, executive coaches, etc. However, there are plenty of great coaches who are not ICF certified. The issue is that a lay-person who is looking for a coach may have a difficult time distinguishing between a great coach and a less experienced or competent coach. We simply believe that a coach who has an ICF certification is more of a known entity for that person seeking a coach.

The ICF process gives a coach a baseline of information and skill which is required to become an ICF coach. Also, the process of becoming an ICF coach takes a fair bit of time, energy and money and so this helps to weed out coaches who are not serious or committed long term to being a top coach. This is particularly important now being that the coaching profession is not regulated by any government agency and anybody can hang up a shingle and call themselves a coach.

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