Leadership Training & Coaching Overview

Many of us have made significant investments in our careers; time in the work force, funds towards education and perhaps most importantly mental and emotional energy. Leadership training and coaching is designed to help burgeoning leaders capitalize on those investments and be successful in meeting their growing professional roles and responsibilities.

While career milestones such as being newly promoted, managing a team for the first time and coaching employees are often exciting developments to a new a leader, they each also bring about their own challenges and stressors. Leadership training and coaching is an ideal way to get support adopting new leadership practices and communication strategies to meet leadership challenges effectively.

Areas of Impact:

  • Defining Leadership
  • Managing People
  • Developing People

Defining Leadership

Leadership training and coaching will help you ask important questions to maximize your effectiveness as a leader. What does this new role or project call for in terms of your leadership? What are your key strengths and challenges as a leader? Leadership training and coaching will support you in defining a leadership approach that is true to you and leverages your strengths.

Managing People

A leader must have a plan and execute against that plan which means holding people accountable for their disparate parts of the work output. Managing people well is as much of an art as it is a science. Leadership training and coaching will help you establish best operating practices for management.

Developing People

The number one reason people leave their jobs is because of their boss. The good news is that being someone who people want to work for is largely under your control. Knowing what people want and helping them to achieve their goals fosters loyalty. Leadership training and coaching will help you to get to know your team’s aspirations deeply and to develop an action plan and communication strategies for setting development plans for your team to be successful.