Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 3

Complaining about a bad work life balance won’t solve your problems, says life coach Meredith Haberfeld. Instead of griping about your life, the life coach says you should “stop entertaining your complaints and turn your complaints into realistic action, commensurate with what is sufficient for your contentment.” She suggests the following tips to put a work life balance plan into action:

* Make it a priority: Scheduling really does work, Haberfeld says, but all too often, people instead “go with automatic patterns, even when they don’t like the patterns.” Rather, they should challenge themselves to find what could work for them with work life balance, and then organizing their lives to make that happen.

* Don’t let inertia win: When people don’t schedule the things they want to prioritize, Haberfeld notes, “inertia sets in.” Worse than that, “inertia wins,” warns the life coach. To keep inertia at bay, you must “have intention in the foreground, and organize your life to make that happen,” notes Haberfeld.

* Move around your plans: You should think of your schedule “like playing Tetris,” Haberfeld explains referring to the classic, old-school video game that entailed moving colored shapes around. Scheduling your calendar so it’s filled with a variety of things, and not just all work, will help you determine what you need to “make you happy” in your work life balance. By doing these efforts beforehand, you’ll “find out you’re not selling out to get what you want,” Haberfeld says.

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