One-On-Ones: The Key Ingredient to Creating a Thriving Culture

One-on-one meetings are a critical business ritual. And the reason is obvious: Investing time in coaching, championing and listening to your people leads to collective value.

We hear it all of the time: You want to be there for your team, but there is just never enough time in the day. Either you meet for well over your allotted time window, preventing you from getting to all of the actual work that you have to do, or your one-on-one’s keep getting pushed back, falling victim to the endless “reschedule” cycle.  And too often our time with our team is spent moving initiatives forward, and we miss key conversations that deepen trust and have people grow.  

At ThinkHuman, a culture and leadership development firm for fast growth organizations including SoulCycle, Betterment, Flatiron Health and, Spotify, we have developed a fail-proof formula for awesome one-on-ones. With the right planning and structure, you can accomplish a lot in just 25 minutes.


Commit yourself to these 3 simple goals:


1. UNBLOCK: Remove obstacles to empower your team to push things forward. As thek to come to you with a list of what they need from you in order to do their job well.

2. DEVELOP: Make sure you know how your employees want to develop and dedicate at least a few minutes in each session to checking in on their long term goals. What concrete steps have they taken to meet their stretch targets? Ask how it’s going and what you can do to help.

3. DEEPEN TRUST: Make sure to ask about how they are doing, emotionally, to establish a connection where they can come to you with concerns and frustrations. Ask how that challenging meeting went the other day, or how things are going working with the team that you know isn’t always the most collaborative. Solicit information by asking specific questions, and show genuine interest in how they are feeling.


One-on-ones can be the difference between high functioning teams and low functioning ones, between happy people and disenfranchised ones, and between low turnover and employee churn. Check out our full guide on how to create Awesome One-on-One’s HERE.


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