The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

— Phil Jackson


Our leadership offsites give your team the opportunity to step outside of the day to day, innovate, make key decisions and elevate performance. As a leader, your responsibility lies in ensuring that each team member has skin in the game, that each voice is heard, and that a human connection is secure – enhancing the collective end-game. When a team is operating well, consistently better results emerge.

Optimally performing teams:

  • constructively challenge each others ideas to generate the best thinking
  • efficiently make decisions
  • embrace and move through conflict
  • have a high level of trust
  • are better because of each other


This leads naturally to greater innovation, strategic risk-taking, nimbleness and resilience. We help build and constructively iterate teams that win, have fun and thrive.

Our Process:

Break out of your
everyday thinking

  • We respect creativity, individuality and independence and take time to get into your world
  • We get real agendas on the table
  • We focus attention to the places that lead to real growth – as individuals & as a team
  • We have you have honest conversations that lead to change, not just talk

You come away with:

A stronger business
inside and out

  • A clear, shared vision & aligned strategy
  • Deepened trust among the players
  • A focus on what matters most
  • An action plan that has real buy-in, ownership and accountability

The Progress Facilitators


Commit to and operate with a clear, shared purpose and vision. Champion the True North for the team.


Optimize your team’s organizational structure. Outline clear roles, goals, values and expectations. Individuals and teams need to know what is expected of them, what their individual and team goals are, and what behavior or action is needed to achieve them. Create productive individual and team structures for success. Whether through communications, tracking tools, etc. we will help ensure that your team has the fundamentals of productivity in place to thrive. Individual action plans for enhanced leadership effectiveness.


Do what you say. Mean what you say. An accountability structure supports empowered follow-through.


Decision-making: We support teams in hearing all voices and making smart decisions together with efficiency.
Character Style: Understand team member’s different styles and learn how to best interact with each. The more masterful you are working with the personalities around you, the more efficiently you produce exceptional results together and avoid undermining dynamics.
Honest Conversations: Avoiding or burying frustrations or feedback leads to under-performing teams. Enhance effectiveness of the whole team by addressing issues honestly and gracefully.
Conflict Resolution: Teach skills to communicate and move through challenging conversations and conflict.

Case Study

Industrial Painting Company

The organization was mired in stale and habitual thinking, bogged down in the weeds of everyday operations and stuck in the past, resulting in long-standing stymied sales results. The leadership team was not accountable for owning the corporate strategy as their personal territory nor did leadership take on the responsibility to innovate.

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