Career Coach News: How to Schedule an Informational Interview

No matter how technologically advanced society gets, making a personal connection is still the top way to get a job, says Seth Kaufman, psy.d., Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach with the Think Human. Instead of spending all your time submitting your resume to online job postings, Dr. Kaufman proposes… Read More

Career Coach News: How Clarity Can Change Your Job Search

If you want to get a new job, you have to know what it is you’re looking for, and why, says Seth Kaufman, psy.d, Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach with the Think Human. Dr. Kaufman emphasizes “clarity” as an important part of any successful job search. He says you… Read More

The When Is It OK to Bad Mouth Your Job?

When Is It OK to Bad Mouth Your Job? June 17, 2009 By Eleni Himaras Having a bad boss or an awful job is one of the most frustrating situations there is. But is it ever acceptable, or beneficial, to vent such feelings in a professional setting? The answer, unfortunately,… Read More

Career Coach News- Life With Multiple Jobs and Careers

By Maria McKenna, Life and Career Coach, Think Human In his ASU commencement speech this week, President Obama urged graduates to be prepared for more than one job or career in their lifetime. His recommendation was “to keep gaining new skills – possibly even new degrees; and to keep taking… Read More

Women’s Day- 5 Ways to Rock Your Job! Career Coach News

From getting a promotion to going for your dream job, tips for getting the most from your career By Robyn Moreno Americans spend almost two thirds of their lives working, but according to a poll by, 40 percent of employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. To help you get… Read More

Think Human Group Coaching Program- Effective Career Transition

Date: Starts February 3, 2009, calls are at 7:00 pm Eastern Time Leader: Robert Weil, Career Coach and President of the Think Human Location: Phone Sessions, Conference Bridge will be provided Cost: $625 for 10 sessions, 1 hour per session To Register: Call Robert at (917)371-3903 or email This… Read More