Life Coach News- What You Get from Giving Back

Written by Maria McKenna, Life Coach with the Think Human As a Life Coach, two things clients often ask for assistance with is decreasing the stress in their lives and increasing the level of passion in their lives. While these goals are related to many other things including uncovering one’s… Read More

Life Coach News- Confidence and Self-Esteem Coaching

This article was written by Robert Weil, co-founder of the Think Human to give you a sense of the impact that working with a Life Coach can have on your confidence and self-esteem… As Life Coaches, we work with people every day to improve their confidence, self-esteem and happiness. Being… Read More

Career Coach News, Case Study- Jodie S, Entreprenurial Mommy

After a career in high tech marketing and being a working mother with three small children, 39-year old Jodie Strecker decided it was time to start a business for herself. She hired Robert Weil, co-founder and Life Coach with the Think Human. An inventor by instinct and creative by nature,… Read More

Life Coach News- ICF Life Coach Certification, Does it Matter?

The ICF is the leading certifying body of coaches in the world. We believe that ICF Certification matters and we now require it for all of our life coaches, executive coaches, etc. However, there are plenty of great coaches who are not ICF certified. The issue is that a lay-person… Read More