Choosing to Be Happy

By LISA SWAN I was on the bus home the other night, and was tired and more than a little cranky after a long commute – I take the subway, ferry, and bus in order to get to my New York City home each night. But something happened on that… Read More

Career Coach News: How Passion Is the Best Fuel for the Entrepreneur

If you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, says Seth Kaufman, psy.d, , Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach for the Think Human, you need to “marry purpose with what people want to purchase.” This pithy expression contains some important entrepreneurial advice. Dr. Kaufman says you need to have a… Read More

10 Tips for a Happy, Balanced Life

Every Friday, we will publish a tip on Twitter to help you with leading a happy, balanced life. You can follow us on Twitter at . We will also feature additional information for each tip on our website. Week 1 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life: Happiness Tip: Gratitude —… Read More

Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 3

Complaining about a bad work life balance won’t solve your problems, says life coach Meredith Haberfeld. Instead of griping about your life, the life coach says you should “stop entertaining your complaints and turn your complaints into realistic action, commensurate with what is sufficient for your contentment.” She suggests the… Read More

Executive Coach News- Set Your Year End Goals to Finish 2010 Strong

Instead of planning your New Year’s resolutions now, why not come up with end-of-year resolutions first? These are easily-measured goals to be achieved between now and December 31. Executive coach Randi Raskin Nash says if your business has downtime at the end of the year, there are ways for you… Read More

Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 2

If you’re aiming to achieve better work life balance, and satisfaction in your life, sadly, wishing upon a star may not provide all the answers – being practical in your approach will. Life coach Meredith Haberfeld has some suggestions to get away from “fantasy thinking.” Fantasy thinking is basing your… Read More

Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 1

Stop is not a four-letter word. Life coach Meredith Haberfeld says if you want to improve work life balance, it’s critical to stop, pause, and think before taking on new obligations. “Learning to say no to things is a skill one needs to develop and practice,” Haberfield says, “because we… Read More

Life Coach News- What is Success?

By Life Coach Robert Weil My grandfather would always ask me what I thought was the definition of success- a very interesting question. For many people of my life coaching clients, they think they will be successful when they make a lot of money, for others, it is how many… Read More