10 Tips on Surviving That Job Interview

By LISA SWAN You’re nervous about your upcoming job interview. It’s understandable. After all, some employers may try to stump you in the interview just to see how you handle it.  These days, making a mistake while hiring could ultimately cost an employer lots of money and time, so they want… Read More

Eight Tips to Help You Excel in a Job Interview

Peter Bell of Peter Bell & Associates, LLC, one of New York’s top executive search firms, has some advice on how to impress in a job interview: * Arrive early: If you get to the interview site a few minutes early and take a look at the office environment, Bell… Read More

Career Coach News- How to Use LinkedIn Effectively, Part 1

Career expert John Crant, the author of “Self-Recruiter,” says that signing up for business-networking site LinkedIn has the power to “change the dynamic of your job search.” Here are some of his top tips to help you get the most out of LinkedIn: * Set your profile to maximum visibility:… Read More