How to Learn a Skill

Did you know that learning a new skill can actually improve your brain, firing up synapses that haven’t been used? Not only that, but learning a new skill could make you more marketable in the workplace – or more fun outside of work. Here are some tips from life coaching… Read More

Career Coach News: Networking for Shy People

We all know the value of networking to help you in finding a career, transitioning into a new career or strengthening your current career. But for some of us who are shy, it may make us feel a bit uneasy to approach and derive the most value from a networking… Read More

Career Coach News: How Clarity Can Change Your Job Search

If you want to get a new job, you have to know what it is you’re looking for, and why, says Seth Kaufman, psy.d, Certified Career and Life Purpose Coach with the Think Human. Dr. Kaufman emphasizes “clarity” as an important part of any successful job search. He says you… Read More

New Year, New YOU: Brilliantly Design Your 2011

Kicking off the New Year, we are making available a 6-week New Year, New YOU group coaching boot camp led by Think Human founder Meredith Haberfeld.  This rare opportunity is limited to just 6 individuals.  If you want to secure one of these high-demand slots, CONTACT ALYSE AT OUR OFFICE TODAY… Read More

Life Coach News- What is Success?

By Life Coach Robert Weil My grandfather would always ask me what I thought was the definition of success- a very interesting question. For many people of my life coaching clients, they think they will be successful when they make a lot of money, for others, it is how many… Read More

CNN- 10 Tips for Getting a Pay Raise in a Recession

By Mark Tutton For CNN LONDON, England (CNN) — The recession is a good excuse for employers to introduce a pay freeze, but what if you think your hard work deserves greater financial reward? Four experts share their tips for getting a pay raise during the downturn. With a bit… Read More 7 Ways to Have a Healthy Vacation Without Ever Leaving Your Home

By Kate Meyers July 2009 Same place, different mind-set—that’s the challenge of a staycation. How do you exist within the same four walls, with the same distractions—messy basement, couch and remote, computer, junk food, phone—yet create a relaxing, healthy, away-from-it-all experience? According to a 2009 AP-Gfk poll, one-third of Americans… Read More