New Year, New YOU: Brilliantly Design Your 2011

Kicking off the New Year, we are making available a 6-week New Year, New YOU group coaching boot camp led by Think Human founder Meredith Haberfeld.  This rare opportunity is limited to just 6 individuals.  If you want to secure one of these high-demand slots, CONTACT ALYSE AT OUR OFFICE TODAY… Read More

Life Coach News- 5 Tips for the Newly Self-Employed

Self-employed work requires a different skill set — not to mention the ability to self-promote — than it does to work for an employer. Life coach Meredith Haberfeld has a few suggestions on how to get your name out there, and she shared those thoughts with Time Out magazine: *… Read More

Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 3

Complaining about a bad work life balance won’t solve your problems, says life coach Meredith Haberfeld. Instead of griping about your life, the life coach says you should “stop entertaining your complaints and turn your complaints into realistic action, commensurate with what is sufficient for your contentment.” She suggests the… Read More

Fox News Channel’s iMag- 7 Tips for Navigating Maternity Leave

By FNC iMag November 11, 2010 Learning you are pregnant can be an exciting and joyous time; however, for women in the workplace, navigating maternity leave can also cause stress. The Family and Medical Leave Act (1993) requires employers to allow for 12 unpaid weeks for maternity leave. Depending on… Read More

Life Coach News- Tips to Improve Work Life Balance: Part 2

If you’re aiming to achieve better work life balance, and satisfaction in your life, sadly, wishing upon a star may not provide all the answers – being practical in your approach will. Life coach Meredith Haberfeld has some suggestions to get away from “fantasy thinking.” Fantasy thinking is basing your… Read More