A New Way of Looking at Stress

By LISA SWAN If you are feeling stressed out, think about this – stress can actually be good for you. Consider this – with absolutely no stress, we would find it difficult to achieve and grow and learn. Most of us have a friend, friend of a friend, or even… Read More

How to Handle Difficult Relatives Around the Holidays

The holidays are supposed to be the most joyful time of year, but seeing some annoying or difficult relatives may want you to say “No, no, no” instead of “Ho, ho, ho.” So what can you do keep things merry? Seth Kaufman, psy.d, a certified career and life coach, has… Read More

Life Coach News- 5 Simple and Effective Stress Busters

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Life Coach News- Dealing with Economic Difficulty

Written by Robert Weil, Life Coach and Co-founder of the Think Human Many Life Coaching clients and friends are coming to me these days worried about their financial security. At that point, I usually listen and then start asking questions. Here are some things I have found and some thoughts… Read More

Huffington Post Article- How to Keep Your Job in Uncertain Times

This article was written by Executive Coach and founder of the Think Human Meredith Haberfeld for the Huffington Post. People are contacting me left and right these days with understandable concern about their job security. We all know corrosive worry and concern isn’t good for us and can even reduce… Read More