Life Coach News- Think Human Co-Founder Meredith Haberfeld Leads Program in Alabama Schools in Decrease Drop-Out Rate

Alabama L.I.F.T (Life Instruction for Teens)
Program to Support at Risk Students

A pioneering community of the edges of Montgomery Alabama brings cutting edge life coaching program to schools. The program called L.I.F.T (Life Instruction for Teens) is designed to increase the high school graduation rate of community teens and to encourage students to create a better future for themselves and their lives.

According to program designer and executive coach Meredith Haberfeld, “This program is about students becoming accountable for designing and leading a successful and happy life, no matter what their circumstances or obstacles. Specifically, students tackle issues like school, career, making money, getting into trouble and their relationship to themselves.”
This program follows in the footsteps of the Georgia Graduation Coach Program launched by Georgia’s Governor Perdue in the 2006-2007 school year; which put graduation coaches in each of Georgia’s high schools and middle schools. Since Governor Perdue took office, Georgia’s high school graduation rate has risen nine percentage points from 63% to 72%.

The program supports the development of critical educational and social outcomes for youth, including:
• Development of goal-directed behavior.
• Increased self worth and self-esteem.
• Increased GPA and school attendance.
• Increased sense of family, peer and community support.
• Decreased involvement in gangs, violence, and teen sexual activity.
• A shift in attitude and behavior, from victim thinking to taking responsible actions.

An integral part of the L.I.F.T program is the local adult community member volunteer who becomes a Mentor. Volunteers are trained using an effective curriculum to maximize each young person’s chance to succeed. The Committed Mentor develops a one-on-one relationship to support youth, identify their needs, and declare personal projects with timelines.

The kick-off to this program is a two-day teen offsite retreat and evening mentor training in January 2009, followed by a January-May local mentoring program with a teen at risk of academic underperformance paired with a local community member mentor.

The retreat and follow-up sessions are led by acclaimed Executive Coach Meredith Haberfeld. Meredith is sought out to work with successful entrepreneurs and senior executives at leading companies including MTV, Rhino Records, Goldman Sachs, FuseTV, Disney & ABC. Meredith has worked with hundreds of people to identify where they are holding themselves back and then free themselves to fulfill their desires for their life.

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