10 Tips for a Happy, Balanced Life

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Week 1 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Gratitude — Be thankful for what you have.

Dr. Miriam Reiss, MCC, says gratitude is a key part to finding happiness. The career and life coach suggests a morning and evening check-in, where twice a day you think of three to five things you are grateful for. Such appreciation for life’s gifts is an important factor in happiness.

Week 2 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Eat consciously. Chew more slowly, and savor your food.

Dr. Reiss says that too many people “rush through meals,” chewing too quickly, without paying attention to the taste of what they’re eating, and with allowing themselves the ability to digest the meals properly. It’s no wonder they have stomach problems.

Instead of wolfing down your meals, Dr. Reiss says it’s important to be mindful of your meal, and savor every bite. You’ll enjoy it much more, and your stomach will, too.

Week 3 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Get out in nature.

Dr. Reiss says it’s vitally important to spend at least 20 minutes a day outdoors, where “you’re breathing good air.” She suggests a walk or a swim.

But the point, even more than the physical activity behind it, is to “get you away from the intensity of your day,” if even for a little while, and reconnect you with the earth.

Week 4 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Never eat alone.

It’s “best to have company” when you eat, says Dr. Reiss, but you do have options even if you’re single. For example, you don’t have to eat by yourself at many restaurants these days. Communal dining tables are becoming very popular, as are meal options at counters. She advises to sit at one of those tables or counters and “strike up conversations” with your fellow diners. But “don’t hide in a book,” Dr. Reiss cautions.

When you’re at home, instead of eating some fast-food dinner in front of television by yourself, make a real meal and invite a friend over. You’ll enjoy it much more.

Week 5 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Volunteer — Be of service to others.

Dr. Reiss says it’s key to “find a cause” you can passionately believe in. Whether it is helping rescue animals, working for a political issue, or aiding the more unfortunate in society, you will serve yourself when you are of service to others. And you might even make some great friends out of it, too.

Week 6 to Achieving a Happy, Balanced Life:

Happiness Tip: Make fun a daily requirement — take laugh breaks.

You should “find out what you enjoy” and what makes you laugh, says Dr. Reiss, and do it. “No excuses,” says the career and life coach. She says it’s vital to “take laugh breaks” each day.

Some ideas for ways to get your daily minimum requirement of laughter include going to movies, spending time with your friends, watching YouTube videos, or doing something else that makes you smile.

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