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Why Remote Workplaces Fail

The number of remote workers across the country is rising like a tidal wave. But too many organizations are failing at making it work.
— Meredith Haberfeld

Your HR Department Is Having an Identity Crisis

Forget payroll and benefits, and say hello to happiness and culture . . . For two years, Marti Wolf was human resources director at MailChimp. As of March, she got a new title, chief culture officer, and the new HR director reports to her. In other words, HR got demoted.
— Rebecca Greenfield

The Dangers of Blind Spots

When you’ve got a blind spot killing your company culture, it can be just as damaging in its own right. No one is immune to blind spots. Organizations, and the people who lead them, are particularly vulnerable.
— Meredith Haberfeld

Rewire Your Brain for Greater Happiness

There are costs to complaining. Complaining is ultimately a cheap take-out meal, on a late work night, when you should have been in bed an hour ago but it’s what you crave and it tastes SO good.
— Dr. Amalea Seelig, Psy.D and Meredith Haberfeld

Three Steps to End Office Gossip

Gossip not only kills morale; it kills the bottom line. No matter its delivery—an eye roll, whispered caution about a supervisor’s temper, old-fashioned talking behind someone’s back—gossip in any form is a symptom of a large and damaging problem.
— Meredith Haberfeld

How to Deal with a Coworker You Literally Can’t Stand

Work is stressful enough on its own without office politics. Whether it’s dealing with the little things or just a plain toxic monster, a strained relationship with a colleague won’t just wear you down—it will inevitably wreak havoc on your work performance.
— Lauren Valenti

The Real Cost of Not Paying for Freelance Vacation & Sick Time

Companies who want to change the way contract workers are treated can begin by partnering with contractors who align with their core values. “This adds an extra layer of synergy to the vendor-partner relationship and increase the level of engagement—and, as a result, predictably better results.”
— Meredith Haberfeld

The Rules of Talking About People You Work With

If you made a Venn diagram comparing work and high school, pretty much all the stuff would congregate in the middle except one: As a Young Professional, you’re paid money in exchange for showing up and playing nice with all the other kids.
— Chelsea Peng

8 Ways to Make Your Boss Not Hate You

When you’re talking about finding peace of mind in the office, it pretty much comes down to one obvious thing: happy boss = happy life.
— Lauren Valenti

December Grads: How to Land a Job

For recent December college grads who haven’t found a job yet, the current job market may be a little easier to navigate than it has been for their predecessors.
— Emily Driscoll


By Nikhil Hutheesing – Sep 26, 2012 12:19 PM

The Revolution - 5 Tough Love Tips for Finding a Job

As a career coach who has worked with a range of clients all the way up to Fortune 100 executives, her tough love tips expressed on the show are relevant for just about everyone. And with today’s current job market sometimes its necessary to hear it straight.