Valia Glytsis

Fun Facts

New York, NY
Your best experience as a leader:
Creating a destination spa retreat for women looking to rediscover themselves. It was an arduous process but one fueled completely by love and a synthesis of my personal and professional worlds. It was a trifecta moment for me and one that continues to remind me what I’m capable of.
Why did you become a coach?
It is my personal legend; my soul purpose. Becoming a coach was like going back home to who I always was. I learned the hard way after years of professional dissatisfaction and turmoil that when it feels so easy and effortless, it’s because we are being pointed by our internal compass to our North Star. I believe in inspiring others to lead their most powerful lives.

As an executive leadership development coach, Valia propels business leaders to reach their full potential across a wide array of business challenges and opportunities. From developing processes and strategy to enhancing personal balance and power, Valia guides her clients to transformational, meaningful, and long-lasting change. Her passion for coaching is driven by over 10 years of corporate experience in marketing, management, and consulting with a focus on developing business strategy, enhancing communications within interdisciplinary teams, and creating powerful branding and marketing programs.

Valia’s clients range across industry and scope from established business leaders in Consumer Products, Media, and Financial Services to entrepreneurs in Real Estate and Retail. This depth and breadth of experience allows her to bring a fresh, creative, and objective perspective to all clients.

In addition to Executive coaching, Valia offers customized leadership development seminars, corporate retreats, and speaking engagements on intuitive leadership and personal power in business. Recent client highlights include: McKinsey, HBO, Edelman, L’Oreal, Kiehl’s, WPP, WWE, NYC Economic Development Corp, Columbia Business School, Cornell Business School.