Join us at SXSW!

ThinkHuman Founder Meredith Haberfeld will be speaking at SXSW on using culture to have “Remote” Work. Come join the party in Austin in March.

Remote Workers Are People Too. The remote workforce grew 80% between 2005 and 2012, and continues to surge. And why not? Companies can hire the best talent, cut cost, and boost productivity. Employees can live where they want, cut grueling commutes and enjoy work-life balance. (Also: sweatpants.)

When you’re not rubbing elbows at an office, it’s easy to feel disconnected, disengaged and even distrustful. ThinkHuman Founder Meredith Haberfeld will share examples of companies getting remote right, and some that aren’t. She’ll also share a playbook for building a culture of teamwork and creativity regardless of how far apart your team members are. Come join us in Austin!

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