PRIDE and Authenticity by The ThinkHuman Team

“Rainbow Flag” by qthomasbower is licensed under CC BY 2.0

As we close out PRIDE month, we are reminded of The Stonewall Rebellion and how it galvanized the queer liberation movement. On the 52nd anniversary of the uprising we are in partnership and solidarity with our LGBTQA+ community for the fundamental rights to freedom and justice.


In the decades since the Stonewall Rebellion we’ve had many reasons to celebrate Pride around the globe but we’re also cognizant of the fact that the LGBTQA+ community faces ongoing oppression and violence. Our hope and commitment is that in the not so distant future the norm is that love is love and people are embraced without regard for gender identity or sexual orientation. 


In the meantime, as allies and consumers we can

  1. all make informed decisions about who we support, and 
  2. we can boldly explore our own blindspots to ask ourselves how we can be better.


So we asked our team the following question and here’s what they had to say.


What’s something ThinkHuman as well as other companies can do to celebrate PRIDE in an even more authentic and inclusive way?


Aja Smith

Lead Program Coordinator


Rather than reduce this to just one month, companies can allow employees to convene for discussion groups throughout the entire year at the pace that works best for their organization. PRIDE is significant to the LGBTQA+ community and the world at large. In addition to showing up to support LGBTQA+ owned businesses, initiatives, etc., we can all celebrate PRIDE in an authentic and inclusive way by taking the time/energy/space to immerse ourselves in LGBTQA+ history, culture, current events, and by engaging in thoughtful conversations. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to the discovery phase — find the medium or outlet that resonates most with you, open your mind, and dive in! Piquing our own curiosity to understand all the facets of PRIDE allows us to appreciate/celebrate it in a meaningful way. ThinkHuman as well as other companies can provide a safe (and brave) space for staff and other communities to discuss what they have learned (or already know) about the LGBTQA+ experience and why they feel it’s important to share with others. 


Joshua Randle 

Community Coordinator


One thing that ThinkHuman and other companies can do is be genuine in whatever way they decide to celebrate PRIDE. An inauthentic approach will only make the LGBTQA+ community hesitant in investing in a company’s mission. 



Fatma Ghedira

Head of Community + Marketing Team


As companies get to celebrate a whole month contributing to an under-represented group, in this case the LGBTQA+ community, it is important that they stay away from performative actions. That starts first with being aware of performative and inauthentic actions driven by the company for branding and marketing benefits. Then we can speak up and call out what doesn’t feel authentic to the community and have allies be in active conversations with their leaders. Companies are called to support their people with education about the battles of the community from a historical perspective and also what is happening now on the ground. Holding conversations with members from the community about engaging in activities that can create real inclusion for them within the company and being conscious of not burdening them with the emotional work of driving DEI initiatives.