Career Coach News- Social Media Success Tips, Part 1

Vivian Vassar, the entrepreneur behind the online business Hey Viv! Vintage, says that having a social media presence is crucial to her company’s success.  In addition to her web site, she uses Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and a blog to help sell 50s’ retro costumes and vintage clothing.

Here are some of her social media success tips:

* Be subtle: “Nobody wants to be hit in the head” with whatever you’re trying to sell, says Vassar.  There are ways of letting people know what you’re doing without being obnoxious about it. For example, Vassar will feature entertaining quotes and observations on her Twitter account, along with letting others know what she has on sale.  On her blog, she will write articles on topics such as how to dress like a an old-school housewife, and what are sweater guards used for.  The stories subtly promote her products, but they are also fun to read.

* Reach out to others: Vassar says it’s important to “be a good net citizen” if you want to build an online community.  She makes sure to comment on others’ blogs and engage in a two-way dialogue.  She also retweets others’ Twitter posts to help others’ publicize their activities, and corresponds with her followers. “I get interest because I show interest,” Vassar explains.

* Schedule your social media time: Vassar is very savvy with social media, but that doesn’t come easy. She set up a spreadsheet to schedule set days and times for blogging, tweeting, and communicating with others on Facebook and MySpace. Vassar also uses “time savers” like Hellotxt and SocialOomph as shortcuts for scheduling upcoming posts.

Come back to the Think Human site next week to read more of Vassar’s social media tips. You can also check out her web site.