Century 21 Department Store • Case Study Part One

Finding the right people-strategy to triumphantly propel the business strategy into the future.


This large retailer has enjoyed growth and profitability in a fiercely competitive environment.  However, an outgrown, 50-year old culture of compliance and ‘putting your head down’ revealed employee engagement scores at 15 points below the industry average. Century21 lacked the right people-strategy as fruitful soil to propel the business strategy triumphantly into the future.


Our first Conducted comprehensive employee feedback sessions to deeply understand and integrate the employee engagement results and key levers of necessary change. Informed by  solicited, company-wide input, the senior leadership team clarified what works well in their DNA, and crystalized company values and mission – ‘What are we in business for beyond turning a profit?’ Company leadership at every level committed to a strategy to produce a 10% increase in employee engagement within one year and to be listed on the Fortune 100 Top Companies to Work within 5 years. Employee driven action-planning teams were created within each department to choose and execute levers of change to improve employee engagement.


Senior leadership committed and embarked on a key organizational initiative for their employees, customers and community to flourish. A recognition program was created to honor excellent performers and award special recognition and prizes.  Employee enthusiasm and engagement has increased as evidenced by cross-functional collaboration on business, team morale and charitable projects originated by employee’s ideas. (Results for customers and community?)