Century 21 Department Store — Case Study Part Two

Teaching senior leadership to create a meaningful connection with the entire company.


Senior leadership had low visibility to the entire company and employees felt unclear and disconnected with the company strategy.


In order for the culture to change, and for employees to buy-in and identify with the future of the company, senior leadership recognized that they needed to commit their personal time, energy and effort and take individual investments and responsibility for the success of the change effort. New lines of communication were opened and formalized with employees, best practices of best-in-class, high-engagement cultures and key drivers to effect culture change were shared with the leadership team, and the team identified and committed to key levers to execute.


For the first time, the CEO created and shared an inspiring, candid and fun video about the key priorities of the year with the entire company. New monthly group meetings were instilled for employees and managers to dialogue and employees to ask questions, raise concerns and share ideas with management.