How to Live a More Creative Life


Being more creative means living a less boring life. But how do you do that? Living a more creative life is not as daunting as you may think. And you don’t need to have tons of free time, or a lot of money in order to do so. Here are some tips on how to get unstuck and live a more creative life:

Go see the best

Art museums, plays, and the ballet are not just for tourists. Why not make it a point to go once a week to see an art exhibit, or to be inspired in some way by public creativity? Sure, some places are expensive, but even if you cannot afford to spend the $20 to go to MoMA, you can go on Friday afternoons and get in for free. You may see something there that inspires your creativity. You can also learn from others by seeing the world’s great works of art.

Expose yourself to art in your everyday life

You don’t have to see the same boring, uninspiring things every day. Instead of listening to depressing news when you get up in the morning, why not have your alarm clock go off to classical or jazz stations? It is one way to expose yourself to some of the world’s best music. Or how about getting a computer screen saver or background changer that switches to great works of art? Another way to bring artistic creations into your daily life is to buy one of the Page a Day calendars that contain great art. These are all ways to bring creative works into your mind, and to inspire you.

Do puzzles and crosswords

Working on a jigsaw puzzle, a crossword puzzle, or a word tease can have a variety of benefits. Not just can it strengthen your mind, but the quietude of the task can help your brain think of other ideas. Instead of being distracted with extraneous outside noise, doing something like a puzzle can help you reflect and think, and this can lead to creative ideas.

Enjoy the silence

Try to find times of solitude. Being by yourself, and having time to think, can help you be creative. Why not try to have some times where you are alone, and have no outside distractions?

Get out there and do it

You learn a lot by doing, and just the act of creating something can sooth your mind. You can take a class, or read online on how to do something, but don’t be paralyzed by feeling you must read everything on the subject before you try it. Just trying something new can flex your creative mind.

For example, you may not be the best painter in the world, or the best novelist, but you may find in trying creative tasks that stretch your mind what you excel at. For example, you may be terrible at fiction, but great at writing about real-life matters. You may be a terrible sculptor, but you might make beautiful earrings.  Good luck at whatever you try.