Is Personal Life Coaching For Me?

Our personal life coaching service is designed to help people attend to aspects of their whole life. A personal life coach is an advocate to help you identify and actualize the personal goals you have in your life. We’ve outlined below some of the areas we work on with personal life coaching so you can see if hiring a personal life coach is for you.

Areas of Impact:

  • Health & Fitness
  • Personal Organization
  • Passions & Hobbies
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Personal Relationships

Health & Fitness

A personal life coach works with clients to design a lifestyle plan to be healthy and vital. While there are many programs out there (and most work) a personal life coach understands that the key to success in being happy and satisfied with one’s physicality comes down to creating the right plan for you and then becoming proficient at keeping diet and exercise habits. Personal life coaching provides an advocate and an accountability source to help you meet your goals.

Personal Organization

A personal life coach is a great resource to establish the right processes and level of structure to meet your organizational goals. A personal life coach helps you think through and plan for your current projects, ideas and commitments.

Passions & Hobbies

With all of the demands that people juggle, it is important to pursue those activities/endeavors that are energizing and meaningful to you. A personal life coach understands that, while common sense, this is easier said than done! Personal life coaching ensures that you are carving out time to discover and pursue those personal passions and interests.

Work/Life Balance

In order to have balance or just more balance between work and life commitments, it is important to assess what is truly important to you. In personal life coaching, you will walk through a process to prioritize your commitments and responsibilities in work and life.

Personal Relationships

It is easy to allow our personal relationships to drift on autopilot. Personal life coaching is an excellent way to take a step back to assess what is going well, what is missing and what you would like to deepen in terms of personal relationships. In some cases, our clients build a closer-knit social network. In other cases, our clients carve out quality time to deepen existing relationships.