New York Life Coaches

We are please to connect you with a listing of some of our top member life coaches in the New York City areas.

Member life coaches work with clients on all areas of life including

Career Transition, Career Development, Work-life Balance, Communication, Leadership

Love Life, Dating, Relationships, Happiness, Self-Expression and Confidence and much more.

Please contact one of our New York based life coaches to see which life coach is right for you!

meredith haberfeldMeredith Haberfeld
A word about Meredith: Meredith is a super coach with a lot of experience. She has been coaching for more than 8 years and has been written up in all sorts of press including BusinessWeek, WSJ, Forbes, Fortune, Women’s Day, etc. She has a strong business/entrepreneurial background and tends to attract a lot of high powered business people, but she is also just as comfortable and effective working with people on love, communication, and creating a wonderful and balanced life.
Phone: 917-513-1972
Serves all of New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester

robert weilRobert Weil
A word about Robert: Robert is a great coach. He also has a solid business background, and used to manage a business with over $150 MM in revenues and 60+ employees under him. He likes to work with people on growing their businesses, but also in finding their greatest self and creating their best life, a life that makes them proud.
Phone: 917-371-3903
Serves all of New York, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Westchester

Member life coaches listed above are based in New York. To learn more about any coach, please contact the coach to find out if they are a good fit for you and what you need. Member coaches are independent contractors and do not work for the Think Human.