Shaun Sperling

Fun facts

Born: Chicago, IL
As a child, what did you want to become? A backup dancer for Madonna or an astronaut
Your best experience as a leader: My love of leadership and inclusion started early. I came out of the closet at age 15 and at age 16 I started the first LGBT organization in a midwestern high school (called Project 10 Midwest). It was then that I realized that my greatest hope is that everyone can show up and be “seen” for who they are. That is still my driving force to all my work in leadership and inclusion.
Nº1 Free time activity: Working out and spending time with my dog (Dudley)

Shaun is a facilitator, coach and motivational speaker who is passionate about helping people become their most productive, aware and satisfied. Shaun works with companies, universities and organizations to help individuals and groups become more connected and more effective through his workshops and keynote addresses on topics including leadership, diversity & inclusion, and communication. Before becoming a speaker and coach, Shaun was an attorney specializing in commercial litigation. Throughout his career, Shaun has used storytelling and laughter to teach, connect and inspire.