Thinx: Your Company Culture is your Brand. Period.

Recently, there has been a good deal of buzz around Thinx, the company that brought us the moisture-wicking, absorbent underwear for women on their periods. Whether or not you’re of the menstruating gender, Thinx is providing a beautiful case study for what can happen in an organization when your brand… Read More

Corporate Coaching – What It Can Do for You and Your Company

Corporate coaching is a fast-growing field, mainly due to the fact that savvy executives and entrepreneurs are all becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits it can produce. Whether your company is a startup finding its way in the world, a more-established business facing new challenges, or a longstanding company… Read More

Executive Coach News- Set Your Year End Goals to Finish 2010 Strong

Instead of planning your New Year’s resolutions now, why not come up with end-of-year resolutions first? These are easily-measured goals to be achieved between now and December 31. Executive coach Randi Raskin Nash says if your business has downtime at the end of the year, there are ways for you… Read More

Career Coach News- Life With Multiple Jobs and Careers

By Maria McKenna, Life and Career Coach, Think Human In his ASU commencement speech this week, President Obama urged graduates to be prepared for more than one job or career in their lifetime. His recommendation was “to keep gaining new skills – possibly even new degrees; and to keep taking… Read More

Life Coach News- Franklin Covey and Stephen Covey – Habit 1

Franklin Covey and Stephen Covey The First Habit- Being Proactive As Life Coaches and Executive Coaches, we are big fans of Franklin Covey and Stephen Covey. It seems that there are so many new personal development books and programs, but the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey… Read More

Career Counseling vs Career Coaching, What’s the Difference?

By Robert Weil, co-founder of Think Human So what’s the difference between career counseling and career coaching? If you are like many people these days who are in career transition and up against big career choices, this distinction may come in handy. The truth of this is that many career… Read More

Life Coach News- 5 Simple and Effective Stress Busters

Written by Maria McKenna, Life Coach with the Think Human Feeling Long On Stress, But Short On Time? – 5 Simple and Effective Stress-Busters: You’re not alone if you’re feeling an unusual amount of stress lately. Whatever your personal situation, with the constant bombardment of negative news recently, many of… Read More