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7 GUIDEPOSTS to Rock it With Your Employees

Awesome that you ended up on this page!  Take a read of these 7 guideposts.  Pick 1 or 2 that you can see are missing in your company and your leadership and work on them.  See what happens.  These are core concepts to rock it with your employees and in… Read More

How to Learn a Skill

Did you know that learning a new skill can actually improve your brain, firing up synapses that haven’t been used? Not only that, but learning a new skill could make you more marketable in the workplace – or more fun outside of work. Here are some tips from life coaching… Read More

Motivating Your Employees: Are They Hungry for More?

By STEPHANIE L. LEVONNE Whether it’s dishing out negative feedback with a positive spin, or letting employees challenge themselves to discover their true potential, you’ve developed creative strategies for motivating employees. However, are you providing the right ingredients for their success? Think of increasing motivation as making a meal, with… Read More

How to Find Your First Job Out of College

By LISA SWAN If you are graduating this spring, you may be looking for your first job out of college right now. Or perhaps you have a year or two before you finish college, and are pondering the situation. So how do you do so, when the economy is rough,… Read More

How to Start a Relationship

By LISA SWAN You may be looking for that someone special in your life. But how do you find him or her? Here are some tips on how to meet somebody you would like to date, and how to start a relationship: Join activities you like or do volunteer work… Read More

How to Deal With Wedding Pressures

  By LISA SWAN Bridezillas may be funny to watch on television, but nobody, least of all the groom, wants to be around women like that. That goes as well for grooms who act out of control when planning their wedding. Yet many prospective brides and grooms do strange things… Read More

How to Fight Negativity

  By LISA SWAN It’s hard to get away from negativity. After all, that’s what is in the paper every morning, leads the news every night, and surrounds us even when you’re just going to read your Facebook page. In addition, it is easy to feel negative when facing the everyday… Read More